For the first time the Health Challenges Congress (HCC) is held online. This is the fifth edition of a comprehensive and multithreaded debate on the broadly understood health care system. We are responsible for communication activities, accreditations, running the online press office and ongoing cooperation with journalists.


The 5th Health Challenges Congress was to be held in March this year in the International Congress Centre in Katowice. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the planned events, together with accompanying events and conferences, were transferred to the Internet. Between 14 May and 14 July 2020, over 60 sessions, lectures and presentations will be held in six main thematic blocks including: health policy, finance and management, therapies, new technologies, e-health and education.


Thanks to the use of available technologies for teleconferences, the event is attended by representatives of the Ministry of Health, National Health Fund (NFZ), medical universities, professional organisations and self-governments operating in the health care sector, national consultants in various fields of medicine, presidents of scientific societies, managers of hospitals and entities cooperating with the medical sector, experts, representatives of patient organisations and journalists.


Imago PR has been working for the Health Challenges Congress since its first, stationary edition in 2016.


The event is organised by the PTWP Group – the publisher of i.a. Rynek Zdrowia magazine and rynekzdrowia.pl website.


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