Imago Public Relations was founded on the belief that communication plays a vital role in building relations between the company and its environment.

Each time we perceive winning attention for a brand as being part of a long-term process that results in the reputation of our customers and ensures their trust as a value. That is why we have been working with a number of our customers for many years.

We understand business, which means we can suggest the right strategies.

Our team comprises specialists in the fields of: communication, economics and business, humanities and journalism. As a result, we design valuable communication, in which the quality of strategy, creativity and effectiveness have been recognised in numerous professional competitions.

Professionals with whom we have the honour to cooperate on a daily basis speak about our approach to communication.


Rafał Czechowski

Managing Director

Communication has been his professional career for more than a quarter of a century and he thinks that there is still more to be discovered than he has been able to learn so far. He is an expert in crisis management and strategic PR, coach and author of specialist publications. He graduated in Economic Journalism and Public Relations at Poznań University of Economics, also studied at Tilburg University Netherlands.

Paweł Gniadek

Director of Strategy

He has consultancy, corporate, teaching and even public administration experience. For over 25 years he has been dealing with communication in its various aspects, participating in the changes in this area. Each new experience gives him great satisfaction. Paweł deals with media relations, internal communication, CSR, sponsorship, creating and building brands and solving crises. He likes new challenges and takes them up with enthusiasm. He values team play (sometimes literally). Paweł focuses on good relations in the team and with Imago Public Relations clients.

Agnieszka Urbańczyk

Administration Manager

Agnieszka has been responsible for administration and finances for over ten years. When the supervisor gives his opinion on a complicated statement prepared by her with a note: "no comment", Agnieszka wonders what her secondary school mathematician would say to her, to whom she promised that she would never have anything to do with maths in return for getting a "C" on her marticulation certificate.

Waldemar Szymczyk

Corporate Publishing Director

During his studies in 1989, he started his journalistic work as a correspondent of "Gazeta Wyborcza" in Silesia, and then he created a workplace for himself - he was a co-founder of "Wyborcza" Katowice editorial office. He has walked through all levels of journalistic career - up to the position of a deputy editor-in-chief. As a publicist, he also worked with TOP radio, TVP Katowice, Silesion portal. For a dozen or so years, he was teaching Journalism and PR at Katowice Business University.

Marta Dobrzańska

Account Director

In Imago PR since 2013. She specialises in corporate and product communication and carries out projects in the field of content marketing and social media. Monika works for clients from the real estate and interior design industries, which she particularly enjoys as she appreciates aesthetic spaces and good architecture. She has also worked with a company operating in the field of automation and robotization in industry. Some people say that when you graduate in Sociology, you can do anything. In Marta's case, it proved that Public Relations was enough for this "anything". A dozen or so years of working in communication led her to this discovery. A graduate of the University of Wrocław. After graduation, a Katowice resident of choice.

Maciej Preidl

Account Director

Maciej has been working in the field of communication since 2008. His professional experience is related to Public Relations, Public Affairs, as well as corporate communication and community actions. He understood the power of words and the power of arguments when participating in negotiations, which helped to prevent the liquidation of a large production plant. He graduated in European Studies at the University of Silesia and in Public Relations at the University of Warsaw.

Bartosz Makowiec

Digital Content Manager

Despite the fact that he grew up with the iPhone, he believes that the combination of traditional and modern forms of communication is the key to the image success of an organisation. He is a part of the team working on public affairs projects. He also engages in social media, video marketing, opinion surveys and data analysis. Bartosz graduated in Economics, specialising in Public Relations and Journalism and Social Communication at the University of Economics in Katowice.

Jolanta Zapalska

Administration Specialist

From a very young age, she has been fascinated with stamping, filling out forms and counting money. In the area of office administration and accounting, she has gained a dozen or so years of experience, getting to know from scratch the principles of functioning and running various types of activities, companies and partnerships, realising that without all the cogs the machine would not work properly. She graduated in International Relations at Krakow University, specialising in American Studies and completed numerous courses in accounting and finance.

Anna Meres-Mikołajczyk

PR Advisor

In marketing communications since 2011. She has worked for commercial clients, public administration and politicians during the recent election campaigns. She believes that words and a coherent image have enormous power, which is why in Imago PR he co-creates creative concepts and is involved in the implementation of communication activities. She graduated from Polish philology at the Jagiellonian University and from the of London School of Public Relations. A dedicated social activist and a huge fan of Italy, her dog Pylon and literature.

Marcin Dzedzej

Account Manager

He gained his PR experience already during his studies, when organising meetings of travellers-sailors and chanty concerts, which gave him and the participants enormous satisfaction. This determined the choice of the professional path that led him to Imago PR through the sports club, cultural institution and EU projects sector. Marcin graduated in Political Science (University of Silesia) and completed postgraduate studies: Public Relations (University of Economics in Katowice) and Sports Marketing (SGH Warsaw School of Economics).

Ewa Cuber

Digital Content Manager

She was planning to become a journalist, but a stroke of luck led her on the path of Public Relations. When she performed her first follow-up, which lasted several hours, she already knew that there was nothing in this profession that could break her. She graduated from the University of Economics in Katowice with a degree in Journalism and Social Communication as well as Economy and Public Management. She works on projects related to commercial and residential real estate and interior design, being mainly responsible for product PR, social media, media relations and copywriting.

Joanna Durkalec

Senior Account Executive

She spent the last few years emerged in marketing and has specialized in its digital form. Previously, she worked for 6 years in a public cultural institution, where as a project manager she carried out activities related to literature and art. She loves to write - she was a columnist in BE Magazine, and in 2021 she co-authored the guide "Be Local. Eat it. Drink. Discover. ”. In her free time, she devotes herself to riding a road bike and playing with her adopted pets - Tosia and Leszek.

Izabela Małek

Digital Content Specialist

Though her beginnings were closer to journalism, fate brought her to Imago PR. She specializes in social media. In addition to creating great content, she inspires others in the area of getting the most of any new functionality on any social platform. She is enthusiastic about new challenges and is also developing in classic PR. She graduated from promotional and crisis communication with a specialization in image consulting and public advocacy at the University of Silesia in Katowice. A lover of travel, sailing and Thai cuisine.

Adam Korkiewicz

Account Executive

As a radio lover, he has always been interested in working in the media, Adam took his first steps in public relations in the press office of a public transport company. It was there that he became convinced of the power of communication. He graduated in journalism and social communication at the University of Silesia in Katowice. He spends his free time cooking for his loved ones, and finds rest in recreational runs and analog photography.

Mateusz Maleńki

Account Executive

Colors are important in his life, even though he doesn't always see the world through pink glasses. He specializes in graphic design. He gets the greatest satisfaction from well-made projects in the public space. He gained experience in, among others, creative agencies and e-commerce. A graduate of graphic design at the University of Information Technology in Katowice. A lover of good coffee and an attentive media observer.


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Bronze Paper Clip 2021 - Media Relations

Client: PTWP Group


Golden Paper Clip Award 2019 - Creativity

Client: WWF Poland

Project:I am an endangered species – WWF campaign during COP24


Silver Paper Clip Award 2019 - NGO and Public Sector

Client: WWF Poland

Project:I am an endangered species – WWF campaign during COP24


Silver Paper Clip Award 2019 - Social Campaign

Client: WWF Poland

Project:I am an endangered species – WWF campaign during COP24


European Excellence Awards 2019 - social media

Client: WWF Poland

Project:I am an endangered species – WWF campaign during COP24


European Excellence Awards 2019 - the best campaign in Poland, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova

Client: WWF Poland

Project:I am an endangered species – WWF campaign during COP24

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