Katowice on the workbench

How to ensure that residents approve of spending approximately one billion zlotys from the local government budget on the transformation of the city centre? What strategy to follow? How to conduct a successful public consultation?

I am an endangered species – WWF campaign during COP24

Did you know that you are an endangered species? What should be done to induce the delegates of COP24 – the “summit of last chance,” and millions of Poles to face the threats of climate change? Media relations, social media, influencers – what actions should be taken?

RocaTeam. Join the best

How to effectively support the recruitment process and HR department in the company? How to keep new employees longer? Who to invite to cooperate in order to motivate employees and ensure their efficiency?

.KTW – a surprise near Spodek

How to ensure uninterrupted communication related to the construction process of… a surprise near Spodek Arena. How to neutralise the risks associated with the most significant architectural change in the history of the region?