We like to engage our Clients in activities to help both individuals and organisations in need. Thus, we had the pleasure of supporting the Dom Aniołów Stróżów (“Home of the Guardian Angels”) association yet again, this time at the Katowice European Economic Congress.

The Angels’ space at the Congress was arranged in such a way as to enable the visitors to help the children in the association’s care through play. At this year’s stand, sponsored by the Stalexport Autostrada Małopolska and Tauron Polska Energia companies, there was plenty of good energy among the participants, both figuratively and literally, as a racetrack with cars powered by people riding stationary bicycles was set up. Based on the number of laps completed and the amount of energy generated, the main partners donated PLN 40,000 to the Angels.

Contributions to a new home for the kids, which is now under construction, i.e. the symbolic “bricks,” were yet another testament to the commitment of the participating companies to helping others. Just like every year, our little “brick” was the conceptual, copywriting and communication support.


In the photo from the left: Łukasz Zimnoch, spokesperson, Tauron; Marcin Krupa, Major of Katowice; Aneta Bulkowska, account executive, Imago PR; Monika Bajka, CEO, Home of the Guardian Angels; Rafał Gromada, owner, MgM EXPO.

Photo: Home of the Guardian Angels



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