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Golden Paper Clip Award - Internal Communication, Golden Paper Clip Award - Research&Insight, Bronze Paper Clip Award - Real Estate, Construction, House and Interior


Roca’s Polish plant in Gliwice offers above-standard working conditions at production positions. Despite this, the company recorded a high rate of employee turnover already at the training stage (guaranteeing work) and in the first months of employment. The high turnover hindered the implementation of assumed business plans and significantly increased the costs of service by an employment agency. How to reverse the unfavourable trend and keep new employees for longer?


A workshop with the management and employees, survey and analysis of the materials used in the recruitment process preceded the development of an action strategy, which assumed a reduction of the dissonance of new employees by optimising the presentation of job offers, resulting in a higher level of adequacy of the candidate profile to the tasks, building identification with the team as a premise for staying in Roca Poland, as well as the implementation of measures to increase the leadership skills of the teachers conducting the training and the development of the recruits’ skills in terms of reducing the physical burden arising during work.

At the same time, the Management Board of Roca Poland decided to implement a work system optimisation programme, whose shortcomings were signalled by experienced team members.


At the outset, we diagnosed the causes of the high rotation. An analysis concerning the physical and mental challenges showed significant similarity to those faced by recruits aspiring to serve in military units. Therefore, we decided to invite gen. Roman Polko – a legendary commander of the elite GROM unit, to cooperate. The actions taken were aimed at increasing the morale of future employees, determining the candidates and the leadership competences of teachers of the profession. The reward for the most persistent was a training meeting with the general. Earlier, the “recruits” had learned the legend of special units. These activities were complemented by workshops for teachers. We invited a strength sports coach to analyse the emerging physical strain, which was also the reason for employees to leave. He prepared a series of video tutorials presenting techniques of proper product handling. Moreover, new information materials (e.g. posters, leaflets, job offers) as well as the www.praca.roca.pl service were developed.


The implemented program resulted in the reversal of the trend. During the campaign, the training in Roca and the subsequent employment was undertaken by most of the qualified people – by almost twice as many people as the average in previous periods.

During the three months of the campaign, the new Roca Poland branding employer website was visited by nearly 6 thousand potential employees. At peak times, more than 80 people a day learned about the work philosophy at Roca.


Golden Paper Clip Award 2017 - Internal Communication


Golden Paper Clip Award 2017 - Research&Insight


Bronze Paper Clip Award 2017 - Real Estate, Construction, House and Interior

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