Politicians all over the world know how precious it is to have a medium the content of which can be managed.

We do not advocate propaganda, however, on the organisational level, own publications are such a tool – an effective means of communication with employees, contractors, customers or the local community. They are most effective when they harmonise with the content in their own online channels.

Through corporate and custom publishing, we support our clients’ business in a selected area – image, internal communication and employer branding, crisis communication and public affairs.

We’ve already published approx. 1.5 million copies of the corporate press and 11 books.

Our clients’ magazines reach recipients in Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Morocco and Mexico.

While working on a publication, we ensure: preparation of a publishing strategy, customer profiling, comparative analysis of the corporate publishing market in a particular segment, definition of communication tasks and substantive concept of the publication, layout design, content preparation, graphic design, composition and preparation for printing, supervising the work of the printing house and distribution.

WE KNOW HOW. Check it out.